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big boob porn recognizes the great importance of the fulfillment of the Ecodesign regulation, European ErP directive that regulates the conditions and criteria related to the ecological design of products with impact on energy consumption during their life cycle.


The European Directive ErP 2009/125/CE is the context in which is being developed, within the European Union, the establishment of ecodesign rules that must meet certain products, which use energy, to be commercialized and put into service. The objective of this Directive is to manufacture more efficient products and minimise their environmental impact.


It includes measures aimed at controlling and reducing emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases in the European Union.

↑ Energy efficiency 27%
↓ GHG emission reduction 40%
↑ Renewable energies 27%

In response to environmental regulations, they want to implement adapted solutions. From big boob porn we focus our developments on sustainable solutions with:

Minimal refrigerant loads
Use of low PCA ecological refrigerants and natural refrigerants
High seasonal energy efficiency
Recyclable materials